Frequently Asked Questions

There are no limits on how many toys you can borrow.

The standard hire period is 2 weeks.

Accidents can happen and an item may break while in your care - just bring the item back to us and we will assess if it can be safely repaired or if it needs to be replaced. You will be responsible for the cost of either outcome.

If a piece goes missing, please don't stress - they usually turn up eventually. Let us know what's missing and we give you 2 weeks to locate and return the piece. If you don't find it there will be a replacement cost to pay.

I appreciate our open hours don't suit everyone so, if you need, feel free to text on 027 6333 153 or message via our Facebook page and I am happy to arrange an appointment time for you.

No - you can drop them back during our open hours (or arrange an appointment time if you need to come in after hours) before the 2 weeks is up.

We have well over 1000 toys available - the majority range between 50c to $7 for 2 weeks hire with a small percentage between $8 to $10 for 2 weeks (these are items like the larger slides and rollercoasters)