ROL24: My Little Pony Family Car

My Little Pony Family Car photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: ROL
  • No Pieces: 7
  • Manufacturer: Hasbro
  • Age: 3 Year +
  • Rent: $3.00
  • Storage: : TTL Fabric bag


Little Pinkie Pie is everyone’s best friend. All the ponies can count on her for a laugh and a smile.

It’s an out-and-about errand day for your Mom and little Pinkie Pie pony figures, but they wouldn’t dream of getting on the road without without you!

Open the door of their cute pony-sized car vehicle and put your Mom and Pinkie Pie pony figures inside so that they can begin their day.

With their grocery bag, mug and snack bag accessories, they’ve got everything the three of you need for a full day of visits, stops and tons of fun!


1 x Family Car
1 x Mom Pony
1 x Pinkie Pie Pony
1 x Carseat
3 x Accessories (Grocery Bag, Snack Bag & Mug)